Beach holidays!

Beach holidays!

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If you would ask someone who knows the town to tell you the first thing that it comes to his mind if you say Saranda,we can guarantee you he will say “the beach”.

Saranda is quite known for its beautiful beaches.The town itself doesn’t offer anything extraordinary besides the public beach that is located alongside the promenade of the town literally 20m away from our hotel,but no more than 15 minutes driving and you start to really enjoy the beauties that the Ionian coast has to offer.

1)The monastery beach

Called the monastery beach because just above the hill there is a Byzantine Monastery located (yes it is possible to visit it and it is free) Located just 15 minutes driving from our hotel,or 25 minutes with the bus (the bus stop is located 10m in front of the hotel)

2)Pasqyrat (The mirrors) beach

This is yet another crystal clear water beach,located 20 minutes driving from our hotel or 30 minutes with the bus (p.s there is part you gonna have to walk if you will take the bus as the bus stop is located to the main road while the beach is on the other side of the hill) 

3)Ksamil beach

Maybe the best gem of the crown,Ksamil is a small town located just 25 minutes driving from Saranda. There are three small islands (you can swim to reach two of them,and you can literally walk to the closest one as the waters are shallow) making the panorama more than amazing.

4)Pema e thate beach

Located just a few more minutes after you reach Ksamil,Pema e thate (albanian for the dry tree) is a secluded beach where you will be able to find total relax,crystal clear water and amazing views of Corfu Island located just 2 nautical miles away!!!


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